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Applied Dynamics is a digital engineering and industrial digital transformation solutions company. We have been pushing the limits of simulation and real-time systems for over 60 years. ADI’s ADEPT software is an industrial computing and connectivity platform that provides open virtual and real-time computing for the world’s most demanding applications.

ADEPT was designed to seamlessly integrate off-the-shelf components from best-in-class vendors so that our solutions are not limited to offerings from any single manufacturer.ADEPT is the only commercial real-time platform that has been used to receive FAA flight credit for virtual flights. The ADEPT user base includes 14 of the global top 35 A&D companies and extends into marine, power systems, oil & gas, and automotive.

From rapid prototyping through all stages oftest and evaluation, ADEPT has the features and capabilities needed to develop and test today’s most complex and safety-critical systems.And with open interfaces and built-in support for most standard I/O, ADEPT is also well positioned to enable industrial digital transformation of your existing assets by unlocking the benefits of digital twin and open automation capabilities.

Our engagement process involves working closely with our customers to understand their needs so that we can identify the right architecture, components, and design modules for each application.This approach enables us to offer highly efficient and capable solutions at very competitive prices.We even offer comprehensive commercial support contracts for all our deployments so that you can rely on our trusted expertise and resources to maintain availability of your critical capabilities throughout the life of your program and beyond.

Applied Dynamics International was founded in 1957 by Bob Howe and three other University of Michigan professors. ADI has a rich history that spans over 60 years. A historical timeline that outlines key events in ADI’s history can be found here. A collection of historical articles about analog computers and the founding of ADI can be found here.

Applied Dynamics is a privately held firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with staff located throughout the United States, offices in Derbyshire, UK, and resellers throughout the world.

We are proud to be an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization since 2002 and we are certified to IPC-610 and IPC-620 build standards.

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