ADEPT: The most advanced commercial real-time,  industrial Internet of Things (IoT) software platform

Open Real-Time and Virtual Computing - Test Update

ADI’s ADEPT software is an industrial computing and connectivity platform that provides open virtual and real-time computing for the world’s most demanding applications.

Digital Engineering

Digital Engineering

ADEPT was designed from the ground up to be your digital engineering platform of choice for the entire product lifecycle, from rapid prototyping through integration, verification, validation, and sustainment. ADEPT is trusted by the world’s top engineering companies for mission-critical digital engineering applications where real-time performance and efficient workflows are key. Whether you’re developing your first model or interested in making better use of a mature set of digital assets, ADEPT has all the capabilities needed to integrate models and interfaces from all leading vendors and deploy them to both physical and virtual systems. With full support for Python automation, interactive graphical user dashboards, an integrated cybersecurity solution, and many more features and capabilities that are expected from an industry leading industrial data and control platform.

ADEPT Built-In Capabilities

Digital Transformation

Whether you’re designing a new state-of-the-art facility or modernizing existing assets, ADEPT offers drag-and-drop connectivity to all popular modern and legacy communication buses and industry standards. Future-proof your operations with ADEPT’s open interfaces and industry leading cross-vendor support. Take your open process automation (OPA) to the next level with ADEPT’s built-in Python integration and empower your team to automate as little or as much of your process as desired. And with native support for all popular modeling, programming and AI/ML toolchains, ADEPT was designed to integrate the latest digital twin and machine learning models with your real-time data using on-premises or cloud computing.

Advanced open process automation interface using ADEPT panels

What’s New

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ADI Wins Manufacturing Leadership Award for Collaborative Ecosystems

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ADEPT Framework logo

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[May 31st, 2023]

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[November 12, 2021]



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